The Selfward Facing Way

The Selfward Facing Way, a new ebook release by Sally Ross, offers a fresh approach to that age-old quest to “Know Thyself.” In these lucid, bright pages of transparent truth, the reader is invited to redefine self in the largest possible terms, to find new identity in that most radical of forms, the formless and all-forming universe. First there are concepts and words, and since these can obstruct, the author exposes them for the vehicles they are. Once freed from their limitations, it is possible to see beyond (which is also to say, deeper within) and to see ourselves in that beyond/within. Such a vision can ground, can become our ongoing Practice.

The Selfward Facing Way: A Course for Living the Direct Experience of Your Eternal Nature. This is the initial volume of two, the first being on “Understanding.” The companion volume, “Practice,” will be published by the end of the year.

For information and to download the e-book as a PDF, please see There is also a link on the site to a publishing platform for downloading it in other file formats, if you have an electronic reader like the Kindle or the iPad.

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