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  • Absolute Freedom

    “Absolute Freedom” – sounds, well, rather absolute. Yet this too is conditional: this moment of writing, different, for instance, than my first moment of inspiration for it, a day and a half ago. What is the absolute part of it? That in either case, the freedom starts fresh. That in those words I wanted to »more

  • Love and Gratitude

    Here is a simple meditation to reinforce the power of two simple and all-important principles: Love and Gratitude. On the inbreath, raise the hands to just above and in front of the shoulders, extended with palms facing somewhat out, somewhat up, as if holding a large earth balloon. The chest expands as the lungs fill »more

  • Self Shelf

    At the bottom of the self there is no self only nature other people and all the reality that we can imagine also see: The Meaning of Life – a website offering practical advice about lucid living