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  • Figure and Ground

    In my meditation this morning thoughts flow freely… which is okay. I am human—not free of thought and preoccupation, vocational demands and social calendar, creative projects and commitments… tugging at the fabric of being where I sit. If you make a mark on a sheet of paper, the mark is the figure, the paper is »more

  • The Well

    The Well There is a well, and in it lies clear water.  At the bottom of the well is a lot of sediment.  When removing the sediment by means of a bucket on a long rope, it gets stirred up and muddies the water.  Was it better to leave it there, building up gradually? In »more

  • Daily Prayer

    shakuhachi flute: click to play Daily Prayer electromagnetic streaming data distraction, downloads, quanta all possible/probable manifest at a click thoughts, emotions, supposed sensations and scenarios settle deeply, back into bliss clear focus, unframed more audio-visuals with flute: Mystic Beach | Thetis Lake | Danya’s Pools Heartsongs: flute improvisations Flutes Jam – Learn to improvise on »more