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  • Figure and Ground

    In my meditation this morning thoughts flow freely… which is okay. I am human—not free of thought and preoccupation, vocational demands and social calendar, creative projects and commitments… tugging at the fabric of being where I sit. If you make a mark on a sheet of paper, the mark is the figure, the paper is »more

  • After Satsang

    (Tiruvannamalai, January 2015) Yesterday waiting for Mane at his shop on Chengam Road, for an hour from 2 to 3, and he never showed, so I sat like a sadhu watching the passing sadhus and businessmen and truckers and boys and people on bikes and motorbikes, myself an empty consciousness except somewhat self-conscious, also I suppose »more

  • Absolute Freedom

    “Absolute Freedom” – sounds, well, rather absolute. Yet this too is conditional: this moment of writing, different, for instance, than my first moment of inspiration for it, a day and a half ago. What is the absolute part of it? That in either case, the freedom starts fresh. That in those words I wanted to »more