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  • Spiritual Becoming

    A friend from Hawaii does spiritual transmissions (in an often British-comic vein) from an interdimensional being named “Kartron.” His latest message speaks to the current astrological support for our spiritual becoming: Are you ready to Activate the New Divine Plan in your Life? What does it look like, & can be done with it? How »more

  • Widening the Practice

    I imagine that for most spiritual seekers the primary concern is “deepening the practice.” “Widening the practice,” while a valuable concept, runs the risk of spreading oneself thin; neglecting the focus on spiritual quality; becoming distracted in the mundane activities to which we would apply our spiritual intent. At the same time, those who focus »more

  • Achievement and Practice: Bridging the Worlds…

    Sitting in precious (if hard-won) silence for ten days is challenge enough. Then, having tasted (or even “attained”?) that state of stillness, how to access it again, and integrate it into the bustling world one re-enters? The latest issue of elephant journal goes down this road with me following just such a retreat at a »more