Spiritual Becoming

A friend from Hawaii does spiritual transmissions (in an often British-comic vein) from an interdimensional being named “Kartron.” His latest message speaks to the current astrological support for our spiritual becoming:

Are you ready to Activate the New Divine Plan in your Life? What does it look like, & can be done with it? How can we use it to fulfill our destiny? Is a Spiritual longing stirring your soul, pulling you towards a Truth beyond this world? Now is the time to do what you came here for.

A couple of years ago I received a private session from Karton. My basic question had to do with just that question: What is my truest destiny in this world? His answer surprised me, as it boiled down to, “Just keep doing what you’re already doing.”

When as spiritual seekers we query the universe, or God, or Kartron, or ourselves, as to our true purpose, we might be looking too hard, too far beyond the sphere of what already is. In our urge to become purer, lighter, more spiritual, we might be forgetting how pure and light and spiritual we already are, if we could just drop the program, the search itself.

P1010136 (225x300)This works even within a single meditation:

Five minutes to go in this session. Am I there yet? Maybe I’ll get there in the last two minutes. I really hope so. It’ll be fantastic.

Suddenly, those thoughts fade in the realization that they are the only thing in the way of that becoming. It’s already here for us, right now.

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