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As a working editor, my daily reading material is largely predetermined by the jobs I take on. It can include anything from time-travel fiction to computer technology, legal arguments or applications to medical school, website content or research on topics in sociology or marketing. In my free time I check the world news, but it’s not your mainstream propaganda feed from the corporate conglomerates. I prefer the channels that pull the curtains back from conventional sources of power and information, to expose facts behind the storylines, the motives driving seemingly chaotic events.


The two most reliable and objective sources I’ve found are Washington’s Blog and WantToKnow. Washington’s Blog is written by Carl Herman, a high school history teacher who somehow finds the time to extensively research and document what’s going on in the world of politics, economics, war and civil rights, especially in the US. His mantra is to rail against policies that continue to “kill millions, harm billions and loot trillions” despite known and workable alternative policies. His opinions are amply supported by documentation of both the abuses and the better options available.

WantToKnow is an extensive website that, like Washington’s Blog, offers both damning evidence culled from mainstream news sources, and uplifting stories of human dignity and spiritual power. Its head writer is Fred Burks, a former presidential translator who quit when the secrecy oath became too onerous. Then he descended “down the rabbit hole” of reliable testimony from high-level official sources regarding the supposedly taboo subject of UFOs, coming out the other side with a commitment to exposing truth and promoting positive change. His exposes cover the gamut from mind control to assassination coverups, financial fraud, pedophilia, torture and drones; and the balance is provided by stories of personal and group triumphs involving spiritual experiences, collective efforts, courage and grace.

Washington’s Blog is available daily through any newsreader such as Feedly; WantToKnow has free email subscriptions for delivery of digests 2-3 times per week.


Further out on the spectrum of objectivity and mainstream credibility, I also like to tap in occasionally to Kerry Cassidy’s blog at Project Camelot, or to Gordon Duff’s column at Veterans Today. The bottom line on these more speculative sites is to use discernment to be aware of some of the more outrageous possibilities out there, and also to question the trail of source information. Here’s what I mean, more specifically:

Kerry Cassidy (and former project partner Bill Ryan) began Project Camelot nearly a decade ago as a platform for whistleblowers to reveal information from “above top secret.” Subject areas include the secret space program; underground bases; alien races, craft, technology and exopolitics; “super soldiers”; artificial intelligence; timeline manipulation and more. Sources claim positions from deep inside the military and intelligence community. Because the information comes from such sources it can be considered both reliable and suspect; there is likely some truth to it, yet one has to wonder if there is an agenda behind it being released. Further, many of the stories conflict with each other; and many make dire predictions that fail to materialize. The recourse is always, “We must have jumped to another timeline.” To Kerry’s credit, she asks such questions and poses such disclaimers constantly. For example, while she often refers to the material posted by Gordon Duff, she also discloses that he has ties himself (whether past or present) to an unspecified “agency.”

Gordon Duff is the lead writer for Veterans Today. Citing inside sources and personal acquaintance with geopolitical shenanigans, he exposes the myths of high-profile stories such as the Benghazi “embassy” attack or the “hunt” for Osama Bin Laden. The oblique style confuses, however, with multiple tangents the reader is presumed to know about or agree with. His articles also carry a bias common among the stable of VT columnists, a consistent blaming of Israel (more precisely, Zionists) for most of the evil events and policies chronicled there. So again, while much of the evidence appears objective, one must question the overriding agenda bordering on obsession.

There’s also the Alex Jones news digest at Infowars, which prefers actual news stories over speculation, and points either explicity or implicity to a single target, the out-of-control police state in the US. The picture painted there is one of a no longer creeping, but galloping fascism. The usual gamut is presented: FEMA camps, gun control, TSA abuses, New World Order. The good news is that Alex is bringing to the right-wing demographic the kind of expose they need to wake up from the spell of false patriotism. The bad news is that – well, it’s all bad news. The fear factor is big here, supported by the conspicuous commercial presence of survival outfitters. Does it help to wake up from illusion, if the result is to hole up with guns in preparation for apocalypse now?


While Cassidy (cold-blooded aliens), Duff (evil zionist empire) and Jones (big bad brother) all toot the horn of destruction a bit too loudly, we have on the other side the suspect voices of angelic grace.

David Wilcock has done a yeoman’s job of exposing Financial Tyranny among a host of other, more esoteric issues (all while merrily tooting his own horn as the “reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”). The solace he offers is that his dreams tell us everything is going to be okay. And with his boyish, Peter Pan presentation, he lulls us to Believe.

Stephen Greer kickstarted The Disclosure Project with a National Press Club hearing in Washington, DC, assembling multiple (now over 500) government, military and intelligence witnesses to testify about the hidden history of the UFO phenomenon. The inescapable conclusion is that a secret government has been in control of the artifacts, evidence and technology from this history. The clear agenda behind such secrecy is to keep under wraps the use of free energy (the power source for the other-world craft) so the fossil-fuel corporations, the real-world dinosaurs of our era, can maintain control over the planet’s energy economy until the bitter end. A laudable project, to make this agenda known, along with the real possibility that we could even now be living in a free-energy society! Greer goes on to cite the numerous known examples of working prototypes of free energy technology being suppressed, their inventors (from Tesla onward) being hounded, bought out, threatened, exiled, and murdered. There are a couple of catches to all of this, however.

One, Greer has a reputation for proposing free energy research projects that never quite get off the ground, despite whatever funding he manages to attract. Using crowd-funding to support the feature film Sirius released last year, he pledges the proceeds will go to bringing energy pioneers under one roof to develop further research. One wonders – so they can all be taken out with one drone strike?

Two, Greer consistently presents the case that “if the aliens are advanced enough to get here, they must have evolved to have only good intentions; otherwise they would have destroyed each other already.” Maybe so and maybe not. Kerry Cassidy would certainly disagree. Is Greer hiding something, himself? How is it that he is permitted to reveal so much that threatens the existing power structure? Is he setting us up to be taken over by a benevolent race from beyond? (And isn’t that a contradiction in terms?)


All of this speculation takes us far into that borderland between fact and fiction – or some will say, firmly within the realm of science fiction. Yet according to some of the testimony available, science fiction itself – both in pulp paperback and Hollywood big-screen – is merely a thin veil over actual technologies and phenomena out there in the arena of secret technology and alien races.

Whether or not we believe the conclusion of all the UFO evidence to date, deeper questions arise when considering our own heritage as humans.

– Did we truly evolve, by natural selection, directly from lower primates, or were we genetically engineered by space visitors of the distant past (Nephilim, Annunaki, Reptilians, Quetzalcoatl)? Researcher Lloyd Pye presents evidence of “intervention” as a substitue for the conventional Missing Link theory. Carlos Casteneda (cited by John Lash) speaks of a “foreign installation” to our brains allowing communication and control – a form of predation – by remote entities. The Gnostics, Lash points out, called such entities “Archons” – beings more artificial than natural in origin.

– Here’s a variation of the above question. Is the dark side of human nature (evil, self-serving, greedy, murderous) simply an offshoot of our animal nature (“red in tooth and claw”)? Or is that animal nature more kind than we are taught, and rather we have been conditioned by our evil (reptilian?) overlords to follow their bidding to war, racism and oppression?

In the first scenario we are walking GMOs; in the second we are simply slavish buyers and sellers of the stuff.

– Can we believe in the theory that “all aliens are good aliens” when we ourselves contain much evidence of evil intent or malevolent genetic tendencies? Whether our evil is “organic” from Earth evolution, or imported from elsewhere, we can assume the same possibility, at least, in “Them” – as below, so above.

– Consider an alternate theory, that some “visitors” from beyond are actually human in origin themselves. They are time travelers, ourselves as we have become in the distant future. And they have returned to, I guess, feed the bad seed into the system loop to justify their own existence. Stuff of science fiction indeed!

– If to evolve is to advance spiritually, that implies growing beyond selfishness and exploitation into harmony and benevolence. By this logic any advanced civilization in technology will also have advanced spiritually. Yet human evolution thus far doesn’t give us a break, at least yet, from our evildoing. So again, is this a problem of the mass, not yet ready for that quantum leap; or are we ready but we’re being kept down, in disempowered ignorance and need, by an elite (or Archonic force) with a darker agenda? Either option argues against the prospect of spiritual advancement, and leaves us with a final question:

– What is the origin of human evil, and what is the way out of it?


If we reject the alien hypothesis and all the accumulated evidence, there is just this stubborn chimp brain that apparently dooms us to (that favored phrase from the height of the Cold War) “Mutually Assured Destruction.”

If we admit the influence of aliens, whether from the beginning or yet to come, we have to inquire as to their nature. If they seeded us to begin with, then either their intent or the result is tainted with residual evil, given the results in human history thus far.

Yet there is this bright light of consciousness, freedom, truth and benevolence also in the human spirit. As with the darker side, we can attribute our brighter expansive side to Nature herself, cosmic harmony in its all-perfection, or to the generous tinkering of higher races to uplift us from our Pleistocene existence scrabbling for scraps. Whichever scenario we favor, we face this challenge, which has become a mounting crisis, to confront and resolve the planet-wide issues of ecological destruction, war, genocide, poverty and oppression, largely unnecessary in theory but foisted upon us by a predatory/parasitic elite.

Most of us are unwilling victims, pawns or witnesses in the ongoing destruction. Most of the willing have simply been brainwashed or conditioned to follow the program. That leaves those at the top, in the shadows, pulling the strings, calling the shots. Are our earthly masters truly fully human, and can they be called to account for their latent goodness and light?

Or can we discount them as beyond redemption, cold-blooded to the core, artificially engineered for a certain exopolitical machinery of control without cost or consequence? And if that is the case, how can we be rid of them, how can we be freed from our yoke of slavery?

Is consciousness alone the answer, that each of us has access to, already and in every moment? Is this inner source our eternal refuge and connection to star-family deliverance? Will the higher races of the light do dimensional battle with the Luciferians and somehow snuff them into a back alley of time and space so that Gaia can now flower in full beauty?

The Gnostics, mystics at heart, opted for the self-reliant route of meditation, clearing the mind and wiping clean the programs installed by the Archons. Castaneda’s sorcerer paints the challenge as opportunity: “They are the means by which the universe tests us.” That’s one approach, useful certainly for liberating one mind at a time, so why not multiplied to a massive scale, a divinely human, for once, race? Indeed, Lash concludes, this is precisely “the primary test in progress for humanity.”

The complementary approach that comes to hand, as a useful primate tool and spiritual warrior’s weapon of self-defense, is to wield language as a semantic scalpel, carving out cancerous distortions of truth and myths of manipulation, sculpting sounds of beauty and resonance with the harmony of the garden planet we were given to roam. Weighing bad apples in one hand, good apples in another, and choosing wisely. Discerning disinformation, shedding speculation. Savoring the sweetness of the condition we are born to thrive in, for our allotted time. And passing on to others the fruits of our understanding, the grace of our knowing.


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