• McKenzie Tantra

    to flow with the frequency of waves gentle, rolling, yes even at times thrashing even at other times, still there is no goal here only process—swimming in waters of clear green beauty intimate enough to buffer cold for a while. I return to land— creature of rocky heights, low lying plains, central heat. Dreaming harmonies. »more

  • The Jewel of Stillness

    The Jewel of Stillness Find the jewel of stillness in who you are where you are You are the midpoint of this creation in this moment There is nothing more to say but I’ll say it anyway: The jewel of stillness was there all along will always be there for you Even when you forget »more

  • The Back Page of Doing

    The illusion of final fulfillment in any external condition: home, relationship, friends, fame, money the perfect climate, or astrological location lifestyle balance, good health freedom to do what one wants success of accomplishment and its rewards All signs of life, alluring as spring beauty, only to pass in the evening  season. Enjoy but without undue »more