Meta Desire

Thus he sits, unconcerned if his Twitter followers are trending up or down; if his quoted snippets of simple observation are pasted onto pastel sunsets and viralized, or not. His desire, it may be said in truth, is exactly that essence of purity, even the nullity of all other desires. It is the faceless God himself, removed even from the flip side splendor of the female form. This God is vacant, void, transcendent, the original absent father. This desire comes without passion, nor wrapped in kindness for love’s sake, but simple understanding, accepting. Or it can be fierce, but not as the world requires. Only in that Tantric flame of desire spread across all existence; in that sheer glory of radiance in the immanent bliss of life in its transparent clarity, simplicity, grace. This fierce desire is itself invisible, is invisibility itself. But not leaving this world, what is left is the world, in self-awareness.

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