Merger and Wholeness, Goals and the Ego

(my transliterations of the wisdom of the Goddess, via conversations with Osnat)

Merger and Wholeness

I want you to be merged with me.

And I want you in your own wholeness.

These desires are not contradictory.

We are holograms; each reflecting the whole.

Oneness manifests in individuality.

As you give yourself to me, you find yourself.

You find and maintain and grow in your own expression,

enfolded in my love, and in the greater One.















Goals and the Ego

They say that one must have a goal in order to achieve.

But what if there is nothing to achieve?

What if having a goal is a trap of the ego, by which it feels useful?

Not having a goal, I can open to spirit, to do its will.

Letting the ego and its goals subside, I become available to a greater potential:

Unformulated being, divine grace, discovery.



  1. E. Nep 30 November 2011 12:28 pm

    Isn’t the achievement of something, the accomplishment of a goal weather it’s /writing/thinking/playing/doing and must have the ego to be involved?
    I still think that goals can be achieved by being an unformulated being, thru divine grace leading to an array of discoveries either they’d be inwards or outwards.
    By letting the ego and the goals subside one will become available to greater potential, but just witnessing might become a sort of contemplation without any action, like witnessing a process without any involvement, and thru this process the ego could still be involved thru assessing thoughts that will judge a situation or a process instead of witnessing the divine beauty of a moment.
    E. Blabermouth 😉

  2. Rabbitfoot 30 November 2011 3:23 pm

    Foot Fungus Formula
    Mr. Gray..looks like love is adding a bit of light into your picture screen…are you traveling with a female?

    Here is a simple human formula for happiness:

    Someone to love
    Something to do
    Something to look forward to

    The first ingredient is to fufill the yin-yang aspect of all things; to create wholeness
    The second ingredient is the creative force of the present moment..the work force of the NOW
    The third ingredient is propulsion( motion and change)..not to be confused with the evil word “desire” or the distraction of the conniving “ego”…It is realated to linear time and our manifestation in it….

    Why go to India when you’ve got me?…Oh right…the girl?
    Love ya…keep sharing, looking and loving…rr

  3. admin 1 December 2011 12:53 am

    Hello wise E.,
    You rightly point out the various interpretations possible of these concepts, including worthy pursuits of the ego – not always a villain, sometimes a companion or vehicle for manifestation – all divine, in the end. And also the paradox of goals coming even within a state of being, probably even more purely in that way. And the pitfalls of nothingness, as you remark; and the subtleties of ego identification with that… a slippery fellow, indeed. Thx for the insightful blabs. : ))

  4. admin 1 December 2011 12:57 am

    RR: Good guess, female as muse. That’s a good no. 1 on your list, adding juice to nos. 2 and 3.
    “Why go to India when you’ve got me?” – hmm, sounds like a great song lyric… ; )
    In my case, I add “the girl” to “India” and see what transpires….

  5. E. Nep 1 January 2012 3:45 pm

    Re to Rabbitfoot
    I couldn’t help but to add by 2 cents worth to your 3 lines “Something to Love…”
    I would bluntly add my slightly warped version, in a different order with a completely different meaning to it.

    Someone to Look forward to
    Someone to Do
    Someone to Love

    E. Blabermouth

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