Love and Gratitude

Here is a simple meditation to reinforce the power of two simple and all-important principles: Love and Gratitude.

On the inbreath, raise the hands to just above and in front of the shoulders, extended with palms facing somewhat out, somewhat up, as if holding a large earth balloon. The chest expands as the lungs fill with air, and the eyes are open to the wide beauty of the outer world, the realm of Nature. Experience Love, opening self to the gift of all that is.

On the outbreath, fold the hands one over the other, on top of the heart or at the center of the upper chest. The eyes are closed as the body relaxes, letting the air out of the lungs. Attention is drawn within, in a state of inner peace, to the realm of Spirit. Experience Gratitude, accepting self and the gifts received from all that is.


Most of our lives are spent in distraction from these primary outer (Love, Nature) and inner (Gratitude, Spirit) experiences, as we explore the web of social relations and react to cultural demands and opportunities. Culture is key to our existence as a social species. Yet we can become overwhelmed by the social world, internalizing its judgments and superficial priorities, and forgetting our primary place as children of Nature and the Cosmos, precious vehicles of spirit.

Take time out to walk or run or sit in Nature, and to sit or lie in stillness to allow Spirit to resonate within you. Suddenly the concerns of self and family, tribe and nation, lose their power as a greater power and peace open to you. When you return to choose and fill your social obligations, you will be more powerful and peaceful than before.


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    I really had been seeking for suggestions for my very own blog site and discovered your own post, “Love and Gratitude | The Seeker’s Manual”, will you mind if I apply several of your own points? I am grateful -Basil

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    Yes, Basil, that’s no problem. An accompanying link would be nice. : )

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