Cosmic Consciousness

It seems, in this dawning “Age of Aquarius,” that we have as a collective culture evolved in our grasp and understanding of this central concept, “Cosmic Consciousness” (CC). We have first, through searching and finding and losing again and then moving beyond, passed through the stage where CC was something to attain. We realized we didn’t have to take drugs, or climb sacred mountains, or even meditate, to encounter this bliss: we could appreciate its presence already within us, at any moment, in the here and now.

Last week on the beach in conversation with Sally Ross—a “spiritual friend,” as Gurdjieff would put it—she sparked in me the next shift of understanding: CC is not simply something we have access to; it is nothing less than what we are!

Game over. Here’s the play-by-play:

Stages of Realizing Cosmic Consciousness

  1. Something to attain (The Dharma Bums, 1958) – either through meditation, drugs, peak experiences…
  2. Something to have – (The Power of Now, 1997) – to recognize, as the Quakers, Sufis and Advaita masters say, that we already possess enlightenment here and now, within us.
  3. Something we are – (The Selfward Facing Way, 2013) like all phenomenal existence, we are manifestations of, representations of, particular expressions of, temporary illusions of, holographic and fractal versions of, the whole of universal reality, which is none other than the playing out of that dynamic dance of matter and energy which we might call—for lack of a better term (“God,” anyone?)—Cosmic Consciousness.


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