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  • faery meadow

    wishing to hold close in long stillness, I realize we’re held, in presence faery meadow, filled with your spirit, here, now, bird- song, the winter creek you have taught me this: romance gone, real love begins knowing emptiness — from Love Haiku, poems by Nowick Gray

  • anarchism

    The Politics of Life

    cat’s paw, spiderweb kale leaf, sunbeam imperial war under false pretense truth goes unremarked except in detail… red flowers, yellow bamboo love songs on the radio these too are arbitrary imports of policy in the interim we salute the rule of love erasing dead boundaries celebrating the revolution of now, and again, you and me, »more

  • McKenzie Tantra

    to flow with the frequency of waves gentle, rolling, yes even at times thrashing even at other times, still there is no goal here only process—swimming in waters of clear green beauty intimate enough to buffer cold for a while. I return to land— creature of rocky heights, low lying plains, central heat. Dreaming harmonies. »more