Addiction and Change

First is the addiction to outward change. To want things to be or feel or appear or sound different than they are. Unsatisfied with the status quo, driven to do differently, to remedy or achieve, attack or defend.

So there is that addiction to outward action, to get what we want. And the whole culture (“We Are Change”) supports that impulse to always rub the lamp of consumer gratification, to buy–buy–buy and buy NOW. Or just kill (NWO) and get it over with…

Then, on the inside, the behavior side, we medicate to change our state of emptiness, which persists despite our efforts at outward change. Not content with normal, unfiltered consciousness—or perhaps, unaware or unable to contemplate the possibility of such—we do whatever, just to escape the supposed boredom of being. Uppers, downers, altered states of every candy stripe. Sex, sax, drugs and drums, lala-ing at the beach or fixated on Netflix. Engaged in drama, hooked on the buzz of doing, afraid of just being.

There is always that choice, the alternative: just being.

Withdrawing from the compulsion to change, we find the freedom of letting things be as they are. Yes, even other people, complete with their warts and prickles, ego trips and personal crimes… just as they are. Yes, even the perilous, grievous state of the world. Yes, even our own flawed, hurting, selves; our ever ambitious or lazy, complacent and complicit, or manic, unsatisfied selves. For one moment, at least: content, at rest, in grace.

Not getting all uptight with agendas; yet honoring the natural urge to create, to explore, to wander, to build. Letting oneself be—even in pain, or fatigue; even in hyper-doing—unconditionally okay.

Not addicted to changing the bodymind state, but deepening into what is.

Not addicted to change by doing, but open to change by being.

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