Satsang for Anyone

First thing is, this satsang is not for “everyone,” exactly; but for anyone to check out and see if it resonates. The point is that you need no special qualifications—as mine are also not so special as you might expect.

My qualifications are not of a guru with supernatural powers or esoteric experiences; not of a saint with otherworldly purity of compassion and nonattachment; nor of a scholar of vast understanding and study in the ancient sacred texts.

I have been meditating for fifty years: again, not with rigorous displine throughout, but with long familiarity. I do have ready access to peace and clarity of mind. I have considered and accepted essential teachings of the Vedas, the Buddha, the Sufis, the Christian mystics, and artist visionaries. I have endeavored to live the life of the common worker, the backwoodsman, student, musician, writer, tourist, salesman, householder, parent, teacher, speaker, editor.

I offer a desire to share my perspective to any seeking resolution to perplexing questions, guidance in your life path, simple peace of mind. Connection opens on the basis of an open heart, and grace of the right time and place.

Shall we begin?

Nowick Gray is a writer and musician who makes his home in Victoria, BC.  He also works as a copy editor and manages several other websites including Alternative Culture Magazine. Follow Nowick’s writings on Facebook.

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