Monthly Archives: December, 2015

  • The Silence

    In face of insufficiency of each pursuit yet we try… – the ex-girlfriend – the backdoor guy – the drunken jam – the country music meetup – social media madness We seek, at last, wild nature… disappearing fast into prosaic malls, suburban tictac “estates.” Come inside, then, with resting self to the bath… commune with »more

  • Figure and Ground

    In my meditation this morning thoughts flow freely… which is okay. I am human—not free of thought and preoccupation, vocational demands and social calendar, creative projects and commitments… tugging at the fabric of being where I sit. If you make a mark on a sheet of paper, the mark is the figure, the paper is »more

  • Small Ground and Large Ground

    The witness sees the ground of the ego’s being. Who sees the ground of the witness’s being? At every point, in this fractal field we call our life, the scale telescopes to larger or smaller scale. In surveying the choices of our activities, there is endless opportunity; and in each of those possible selections, there »more