• Addiction and Change

    First is the addiction to outward change. To want things to be or feel or appear or sound different than they are. Unsatisfied with the status quo, driven to do differently, to remedy or achieve, attack or defend. So there is that addiction to outward action, to get what we want. And the whole culture »more

  • anarchism

    The Politics of Life

    cat’s paw, spiderweb kale leaf, sunbeam imperial war under false pretense truth goes unremarked except in detail… red flowers, yellow bamboo love songs on the radio these too are arbitrary imports of policy in the interim we salute the rule of love erasing dead boundaries celebrating the revolution of now, and again, you and me, »more

  • The Silence

    In face of insufficiency of each pursuit yet we try… – the ex-girlfriend – the backdoor guy – the drunken jam – the country music meetup – social media madness We seek, at last, wild nature… disappearing fast into prosaic malls, suburban tictac “estates.” Come inside, then, with resting self to the bath… commune with »more

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