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    After Satsang

    (Tiruvannamalai, January 2015) Yesterday waiting for Mane at his shop on Chengam Road, for an hour from 2 to 3, and he never showed, so I sat like a sadhu watching the passing sadhus and businessmen and truckers and boys and people on bikes and motorbikes, myself an empty consciousness except somewhat self-conscious, also I suppose »more

  • P1030206

    Black and White

    I lost my black hat kept a white one. Duality: spare parts. Red ants crawling on ironwood. In the silence, a branch cracks. Wind laughs. Sea stays beautiful its rounded waves rolling soothing the crash of momentary unity

  • P1020947 (600x800)

    McKenzie Tantra

    to flow with the frequency of waves gentle, rolling, yes even at times thrashing even at other times, still there is no goal here only process—swimming in waters of clear green beauty intimate enough to buffer cold for a while. I return to land— creature of rocky heights, low lying plains, central heat. Dreaming harmonies. »more

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